Haiku Volume 1

By Casey Melnick Diamonds crowd above Blackness governs the realm How alone we are Liquid glass flows forth Clamoring orchestration The gorge remains dry Sorrow and coldness Dismal light dwindles away A new epoch blooms Fall leaves, Winter sky Skeletons for all to see Mirth conjoins spirits Shimmering blood bath Inexorable death near Buried joyContinue reading “Haiku Volume 1”

Guest Post: Prologue to a Writer’s Future

By Casey Melnick “From the mundane to the momentous, choices of varying degrees shape and mold our daily lives. Eventually the culmination of substantial accumulation takes hold and we must deal with the totality of our decisions.” Head over to Balanced Life with Lia to check out my article on mental health, motivation and workContinue reading “Guest Post: Prologue to a Writer’s Future”

Album Review #2 Laurie Anderson – Big Science

By Casey Melnick In this week’s review, fate has us discussing Laurie Anderson’s debut album Big Science. Released in 1982, this avant-garde album is considered one of the best 1980s albums by critics. Self-produced along with the help of producer Roma Baran,  this record utilizes a vast collection of techniques ranging from electronic laden art-popContinue reading “Album Review #2 Laurie Anderson – Big Science”