Word Choice

By Casey Melnick Based on pure statistical probability, it’s rather likely, if not destined that most of the words I transmit from my mind to paper will be utter drivel bordering on the beckoning side of trite. I cannot speak much to that specific line of reasoning but I can assert that it’s better toContinue reading “Word Choice”

Album Review #1 Weezer -Weezer (Blue Album)

By Casey Melnick In this week’s review I will be discussing Weezer’s classic first album Weezer, otherwise known as the Blue Album. Released in 1994, this album ranks among the best debut records of all time and it just happens to be my favorite album, so I’m certainly not biased already. With the legendary RicContinue reading “Album Review #1 Weezer -Weezer (Blue Album)”

“The Best Part of Believe is The Lie.”

The song “Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year” found on Fall Out Boy’s second studio album From Under the Cork Tree contains a line that I would like to discuss. The bridge of the song contains the following line-  “The best part of believe is the lie.” I think this is one of theContinue reading ““The Best Part of Believe is The Lie.””