About Yettobe Media

Yettobe Media is a media blog created by Casey Melnick in 2021 to showcase creative works across several written and visual mediums and create content for clients upon request. Yettobe Media has written over 90 articles for various websites and publications. New original content is uploaded every week. See contact information below if you are looking for any freelance work from the Yettobe team.

Past clients include North Canyon Media and Mxdwn.com. Additional details on projects will be provided upon request.

About Yettobe’s Founder

Casey Melnick

Casey Melnick is a freelance writer who resides in Cleveland, Ohio. A graduate of The Ohio State Fisher College of Business, he is adept at simplifying technical language and summarizing data using efficiency and creativity. Casey specializes in writing, poetry, music, photography and blog posts.

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