Misc Poetry

Place of Fall

By Casey Melnick

Some find relief in solitary confinement
And others cherish the thought of being alone
I am but a weary soul craving for cessation and realignment
Waiting for greater powers to break this vestigial bone
Some are inclined to love and prosper
Relinquished control begets their duty to forget
I am built to loathe and falter
Borrowed time yields unreason; forever in sorrow’s debt
Some seek higher meaning in reason’s domain
Pity is the holder of divine understanding
I am a blemish that marks a desolate plane
Debasement is my steadfast tool for disbanding
Solace rests in a certainty embraced by one and all
To the place from which we came and from which we must depart
Eternal silence take stead and imbue my place of fall
Reprieve me of my ambling spirit and wandering heart

Carnal Sensibility

By Casey Melnick

If love is blind, then what is carnal attraction?
Untuned fidelity can be quite the fatal distraction.
A novel connection conjoins souls between me and new.
What is a twisted nail but a substitute screw?


By Casey Melnick

In the meadow a doe saunters
Unburdened by thoughts of taxation
Upon a weathered branch a squirrel scampers
Ignorant to concepts of destination and commute
Birds coo and bestow their wisdom
Hollow silence rings for those in pursuit of fame
Frogs repose on pedestals of boulder and gravel
Subservient to a perilous presence
Sunlight creeps into damp abysses
Unbeknownst to hearts shrouded of raiment and shade
Flowers bloom and reveal hidden truth
Oblivious to the complexion of the present
But the wind carries news of impending fate
Revealing the nature of being here and now
What was once a land of abundance
Lies a skeleton of want and despair


By Casey Melnick

a fortunate match
a union once asunder
let our passion burn


By Casey Melnick

Alluring flower
Comely eyes of spring water
a budding nexus


By Casey Melnick

Premonitions once foretold,
Grace our presence, a sight to behold.
Breathless throughways and doleful silence,
Consumption of souls and hearts of the masses.
The collective yearns for times of bygone days,
A past that is but a shrouded isle of halcyon haze.
The terminal limit is near, the end is within touch.
Solemn ruminations can only do so much.
Pray thee to the Eye in the sky,
He who knows what afflictions must warily arise.
Can these actions reverse what has transpired?
Isolation in the highest courts of divinity and the desired.
Time stops yet, there is much that can be done.
Hope is our beacon, our light and our sun.
Take heed and listen to our declaration,
We may still listen to the sultry symphony of affirmation.

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