Six Word Story Volume #1

By Casey Melnick

Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in six words.

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn” is allegedly the flash fiction that resulted from this wager. Though it can be debated whether this six word story was actually penned by Hemingway himself, the story itself is impeccable. To tell a story within the confines of six words, brevity and discernment must be used to the utmost degree for there is no room for waste. A genuine story is conveyed by this little sentence. Thus, a micro story is born.

There is worth to stories of this length. In a world that is short on attention span, a quick hitting story is immensely useful. Though not necessarily 6 words in length, attention grabbing social media posts and headlines often utilize the same methodology one uses to compose flash fiction. Ultimately, what is the most that can be said with the least amount of words?

Taking a page from Hemingway (or whoever wrote this story), this post includes my first installment of micro short stories.  In this volume, there are ten sentences composed of 6 words each. Perhaps I can use one of these stories in a future wager.


The man triumphed; he soon perished.


He drank until everyone was happy.


Divorce lawyer eliminates trouble and strife.


The subservient pawn observed its fate.


A musician strums his final note.


Forlorn apparition remembers past aspirations suppressed.


Restricted characters reveal far too much.


Single man drinks for two, again.


The hearth is cold and empty.


Unfulfilled expectation delivered by wayward admiration.

Published by Casey Melnick

Casey Melnick is a freelance writer who resides in Cleveland, Ohio. He specializes in creative writing, poetry, photo editing, music, and copywriting. He is an avid consumer of literature and potatoes.

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