Haiku Volume 1

By Casey Melnick

Diamonds crowd above

Blackness governs the realm

How alone we are

Liquid glass flows forth

Clamoring orchestration

The gorge remains dry

Sorrow and coldness

Dismal light dwindles away

A new epoch blooms

Fall leaves, Winter sky

Skeletons for all to see

Mirth conjoins spirits

Shimmering blood bath

Inexorable death near

Buried joy exposed  

Land immune to time

Devotion remains without

Love nowhere to thrive

Undulating tide

Tumultuous progression

Serenity’s gaze

A gnarled tree lingers

To a house rooted in faith

Desolation rules

Butterflies’ haven

A sanctuary for love

My garden has died

Gilded peaks protrude

Whispering words fade away

A land of disgrace

Published by Casey Melnick

Casey Melnick is a freelance writer who resides in Cleveland, Ohio. He specializes in creative writing, poetry, photo editing, music, and copywriting. He is an avid consumer of literature and potatoes.

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